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    Blood collection semi-automatic loading machine (1)Manually place the test tube holder with the test tube into the tube area; (2)After starting, the cylinder automatically completes the tube loading; (3)Easy to operate and simple with human-machine interface control; (4)According to the user\'s needs, it can be used as a positive and oblique loading machine (the structure of the dressing tray and the oblique loading tray are different). (5)Can be installed on 75mm or 100mm test tubes。

    The production line of culture dish-culture media consists of automatic box placing, automatic filling, automatic capping, automatic box overlaying, automatic packing, etc.; (1) Automatic box placing: pile up the boxes in stack, then place them into the multi-channel positioning fixture, automatically place the boxes via vacuum chuck manipulator, and the placement speed is fast and operation is stable; (2) Automatic filling: adopt imported filling system, with fast filling speed, adjustable filling volume and high accuracy, the filling work of different volume can be achieved, which improves the efficiency significantly;

    Introduction of product performance (1) The machine body is made of 304 stainless steel; (2) This equipment is applicable to the reagent of blood collection tube, high-precision filling and atomizing;

    Introduction of product performance (1)?Mainly consisting of automatic seal-cutting and heat shrinkage, the heat shrink packaging machine adopts automatic feeding, automatic sealing control and heated air circulation, and the heat shrinking chamber is heated uniformly; the shrinking is completed by one time, with high working efficiency, which applies to those products of different heights and widths; (2)?With good packaging effect, smooth product surface and clear seal-cutting edges, continuous packaging is available; (3)?With human-machine interface control adopted, it is equipped with safety protection and alarm device, and easy to operate and maintain; (4)?It will collect wastes separately and automatically, and drawing breakage will not occur due to excessive tensioning, thus the wastes are easy to remove.

Company Introduction

Guangzhou Maizhi Medical Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful city - Guangzhou and adjacent to the national highway 107, is a modern medical and pharmaceutical equipment high-tech company integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Its main products include a complete set of medical and pharmaceutical devices such as vacuum tube, blood type card (micro-column gel card), in-vitro diagnostic reagents, and prefilled petri dish, and the company also provides efficient, practical, and stable medical equipment and related pipeline systems. The company has an independent R & D team, manufacturing team, sales team and technical service team. It not only engages in R & D and manufacturing of a variety of core and basic equipment, but also pays more attention to the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, integration of industry resources, and formation of system integration capabilities. Besides, it provides personalized design solutions according to the actual needs of customers, and produces and manufactures high-quality and efficient automation equipment.


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Equipment customization of blood vessel

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